Today’s B&G should know is about Coordinators.  I get asked all the time if they should really spend the money on a coordinator and here is my answer to that.

Coordinators do more behind the scenes than anyone else on your wedding day. If you have a good coordinator, they are taking care of things behind the curtain that would probably make you cry like a little girl.  Believe me when I say I have seen my fair share of catastrophes averted by a coordinator that the bride and groom never even knew happen.  My advice is hire a professional NOT Aunt Sally that likes to throw good parties.  You need someone with experience because you only get one day and with the right coordinator no matter what arises it will be flawless.  So the answer is YES please hire a coordinator even if it is a Day of Coordinator I promise it will be worth every penny and on most occasions they will even save you money.

xoxoxoxoxo Tab