I have been asked over and over about things that happen behind the scenes at a wedding and for advice from wedding clients to make their day not only perfect for them but for everyone.  I will attempt to keep up on Wednesday’s advice from questions I have been asked over the years.
If you have a question please feel free to email me TabMcCausland@gmail.com.

First question will be about Vendor Meals-
When you say yes to a “vendor” meal you are probably saying yes to a cold old sandwich and a cookie.  Yep that is right the vendor meal you probably paid $35 for is a sandwich. This in my opinion has gotten much worse over the last year due to more caters entering the wedding industry who do not have a relationship with vendors.  Now your videographer, coordinator, photographer and DJ have been with you and will work probably more than 8-12 hours got a pb&j sandwich! ;( I recommend including your vendors that are with you all day in on the hot meal. Sometimes my clients will actually sit me at a table so I can see everything that happens and I don’t miss any action.  If you are not as close to your vendors just making sure they get a hot dinner will be so appreciated and will energize them for the rest of your special day.

xoxoxoxo Tab