Ever wonder what wedding guests complain about?

Ever wonder what wedding guests complain about most? A wedding is supposed to be a day for you and your finance to celebrate your love the two of you have. However, it is also important to remember to include the people who are coming to take part in this special day as well.

Here is a list of a few things that wedding guest complains about most!

1. An Inconvenient Wedding Date
Choosing a date around the holidays may interrupt other’s traditions they have. To be considerate to your love ones, try contacting them and finding out what they believe would be a good date. This may make choosing a wedding date much less stressful. The sooner a save a date is sent out, the better it can be for everyone to mark their calendar and make their travel arrangements.

2. A Disorganized Wedding
Guest often like a wedding ceremony and reception to be within two hours of one another. It is important to make sure that guests know what is going on. Additional guest, like to know what is scheduled to take place so that they are not waiting around for hours at a time.

3. Having Horrible Food at a Wedding
To avoid having horrible food, make sure to arrange a food tasting and carefully plan the menu. It is also important to remember that food allergies can be a factor, as well. Any allergies need to be known about in advance. Taking care of all of these things early, can help keep guests happy!

Bride & Groom Should know Wednesday….

Today’s B&G should know is about Coordinators.  I get asked all the time if they should really spend the money on a coordinator and here is my answer to that.

Coordinators do more behind the scenes than anyone else on your wedding day. If you have a good coordinator, they are taking care of things behind the curtain that would probably make you cry like a little girl.  Believe me when I say I have seen my fair share of catastrophes averted by a coordinator that the bride and groom never even knew happen.  My advice is hire a professional NOT Aunt Sally that likes to throw good parties.  You need someone with experience because you only get one day and with the right coordinator no matter what arises it will be flawless.  So the answer is YES please hire a coordinator even if it is a Day of Coordinator I promise it will be worth every penny and on most occasions they will even save you money.

xoxoxoxoxo Tab

Brides & Grooms should know Wedding Wednesday…

I have been asked over and over about things that happen behind the scenes at a wedding and for advice from wedding clients to make their day not only perfect for them but for everyone.  I will attempt to keep up on Wednesday’s advice from questions I have been asked over the years.
If you have a question please feel free to email me TabMcCausland@gmail.com.

First question will be about Vendor Meals-
When you say yes to a “vendor” meal you are probably saying yes to a cold old sandwich and a cookie.  Yep that is right the vendor meal you probably paid $35 for is a sandwich. This in my opinion has gotten much worse over the last year due to more caters entering the wedding industry who do not have a relationship with vendors.  Now your videographer, coordinator, photographer and DJ have been with you and will work probably more than 8-12 hours got a pb&j sandwich! ;( I recommend including your vendors that are with you all day in on the hot meal. Sometimes my clients will actually sit me at a table so I can see everything that happens and I don’t miss any action.  If you are not as close to your vendors just making sure they get a hot dinner will be so appreciated and will energize them for the rest of your special day.

xoxoxoxo Tab