Ever wonder what wedding guests complain about most? A wedding is supposed to be a day for you and your finance to celebrate your love the two of you have. However, it is also important to remember to include the people who are coming to take part in this special day as well.

Here is a list of a few things that wedding guest complains about most!

1. An Inconvenient Wedding Date
Choosing a date around the holidays may interrupt other’s traditions they have. To be considerate to your love ones, try contacting them and finding out what they believe would be a good date. This may make choosing a wedding date much less stressful. The sooner a save a date is sent out, the better it can be for everyone to mark their calendar and make their travel arrangements.

2. A Disorganized Wedding
Guest often like a wedding ceremony and reception to be within two hours of one another. It is important to make sure that guests know what is going on. Additional guest, like to know what is scheduled to take place so that they are not waiting around for hours at a time.

3. Having Horrible Food at a Wedding
To avoid having horrible food, make sure to arrange a food tasting and carefully plan the menu. It is also important to remember that food allergies can be a factor, as well. Any allergies need to be known about in advance. Taking care of all of these things early, can help keep guests happy!