Orlando Maternity

Oh baby! This lovely couple is going to have their hands full very soon with I can only imagine the most adorable baby boy. With parents this gorgeous I’m sure he’ll be quite the ladies man from the very first second he arrives. He is completely adored right now, once here it’s gonna be paparazzi status for this kid! This orlando maternity shoot will be a newborn shoot before we know it. I can’t wait!! #newbabysmell

Orlando Maternity

I can’t even with how tiny and adorable these itty bitty little sneakers are! He’s not even born yet and already trying to one up dad.


Wow-ee! Mommy M’s color is definitely jewel tone blue. Who here thinks she should just walk around in this all the time? I mean obviously she’ll need a fashion fan but that’s just minor details.

Orlando Maternity

She has a perfectly round belly. So lucky. Mine was square. I’m not sure what my kids were doing or building in utero but no joke SQUARE people, square.


orlando maternity

Once again perfectly round. Not square. Dang she is gorgeous with a capital G! Congrats mom and dad I can’t wait to see your adorable bundle of joy <3