Tips for a Flawless Boudoir Session

August 20, 2017

Below you will see some tips on how to prepare and experience a flawless boudoir session.  I want you to remember that this is mean’t to be fun and empowering.  Start your own Pinterest board adding only what YOU consider sexy and pick out ways you want to see yourself.  Everyone is different, this fact is one that is dear to my heart, and the reason why every one of my boudoir sessions looks different.


Tips for a Flawless Boudoir Session

A Week Before Your Shoot…

  • Stay out of the sun!  Sunburns are not easy to photoshop, and tan lines are not your friend.  If you do not usually spray, please do not do it now.
  • Waxing, if you’re into that sort of thing it should be done 4-5 days before your session to avoid the red bumps.
  • Manicure and Pedicures are welcomed, I do recommend a neutral color or a french style.
  • Drink lots of water for glowing skin.
  • Lower your salt intake and avoid alcohol if you’re worried about retaining water.
  • Try on your outfits and even steam them and hang them properly so they will keep their shape as you travel to the studio.




Tips for a Flawless Boudoir Session


Day Before Your Shoot…

  • Bathe, shave, and moisturize.
  • Pack for the shoot. Remember heels (close toe are best), outfits, jewelry and any props you want included.
  • Plan for a good night’s sleep….eight hours is always nice.
  • Don’t forget to drink water!







Tips for a Flawless Boudoir Session


The Day of Your Shoot…

  • Come to studio with clean hair and clean face.
  • Make sure your deodorant is clear.
  • Wear clothing to the studio that do not leave marks, basically the looser the better, and “go bra-less” so you don’t have strap marks.
  • Lastly, take a deep breath and relax.  We will show you how to pose and show you in the best light so relax and let’s have some fun!






what to wear to your boudoir session

What to Wear…

-Ripped jeans, Cowboy Boots, High heels, Stockings,  A fav jersey of your partner, Bra/Panties, Corsets, Lingerie, Neck tie, Sexy Costume (nurse, maid, school girl), Jean Shorts basically there are no rules…if you feel sexy then it’s sexy.



For more inspiration check out our past boudoir sessions HERE.

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