Top 5 ways to get the best Boudoir photos….

September 06, 2012

A few tips for having the best Boudoir experience….

1) PLEASE don’t spray tan before your session.  Unless you are a regular spray tanning person and know your skin will not turn orange PLEASE don’t use spray tan.  It is very very hard to edit spray tan and you will look orange on camera.  Just say no to the spray tan.

2) Bring inspiration pics with you.  For the most part photographers are very visual people so showing your photographer some idea will insure you get what you are looking for.

3) Bring tons of clothes and shoes.  Always better to have too much then not enough and the photographer will probably put things together you might not of thought of.  This is the time to get out those 4inch heels by the way! Bring HEELS 🙂

4) Paint your nails and toes.  Doesn’t matter the color I recommend something neutral.

5) Have your hair and makeup professionally done.  The difference between night on the town makeup and camera ready makeup is significant so hire a professional.

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